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Here, you are at perfectly right place to get free playstation gift cards. This website is designed to give you free PSN codes for all playstatIon Vista, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Newly launched Playstation 5. Nearly all the playstation network is being covered through this website and PSN codes were updated on daily basis to provide you hustle free services,

What is PSN?

PSN means PlayStation Network and this includes PlayStation store. Like any other online store PlayStation store also sells video games and other items related to games. The PlayStation store is a very big market in terms of video games and accessories.

PlayStation store works online 24/7 which helps gamers to download exclusive games and content from the PlayStation store.

Users can purchase their desired items in the PlayStation store then proceed to checkout PlayStation work on standard payment methods like a credit card, the debit card also uses some other payment options like PayPal, Google pay and some other payment apps.

What are PSN Codes?

PSN codes are generally compressed money in the form of digits. These are issued by the different gaming companies to give you a chance to get the gaming items at a huge discount.

If the user gets these codes then he can purchase items from the PlayStation Store for free or in a huge discount. Every code has its prior value fixed. These codes are used to buy a new PlayStation or newly launched exclusive game.

These codes were used by the user during purchase checkout and the right code can bring a huge discount on items purchased by users.

These codes were also known as PSN gift card.

Who Issued PSN Codes(PSN Gift Cards)?

PSN gift cards or PSN codes are issued by the Sony PlayStation and these were used to redeem against any purchase made by the user in the PlayStation network.

PSN codes are available for purchase in both the offline and online market. Pity about the PSN codes is that they are very expensive.

Most users can’t purchase from the store so they find alternative upon PlayStation Network and here comes  PSN Code Generator which generates PSN codes for free. 


Like this generator

There is no need to do a human verification. This generator will provide you the valuable PSN code almost for free.

Users think why free?

Here a thing, this generator worked with different gaming companies and they offer us PSN codes in return for promotion to their products. We promote their products and they give us PSN codes.

This is as simple as that users get benefited from companies and companies got benefited from promotion. 

How did PSN Code Card Generator work?

Today there are many Sony PSN gift card generators available in the online market. All use different types of working mechanisms. Some will generate the code by pressing the generate option given. When you press the generate button the gift code will generate automatically and you just have to copy it from there. Generating gift code will take time up to 30 to 40 seconds.

The Generation Process of PSN Gift Card

To generate free PSN gift card you must have to follow these steps given below :

  1. Select the PSN gift card from the gift card section.
  2. Now you have to fill up the amount gift card you want to redeem.
  3. Click on the country section and fill up your country’s name.
  4. Now click on the generate button.
  5. Wait for 30 to 40 seconds and your PSN gift card is available.
  6. The last step is that you have to click on the activate code button to activate your PSN gift card to use.

Some Free PSN Codes 2021

  3. JELU-4M5L-5JU5
  7. N73F-5GX8-4WLH
  8. 5JJT-5W9S-PYJ8
  11. E6NQ-5C4Q-Z6US
  12. 9BUD-S4MN-ZS5D
  13. 97FV-MGXV-WPSQ
  14. KQBQ-SM55-B3WG
  15. QQ4W-RR7B-3SRX
  16. G33F-K33F-V8ZF
  17. V8AT-5YY8-JMXS
  18. M3MW-L52M-LWVE
  19. RFDC-S3B3-D9N4
  20. 5DBV-TPFQ-NZQ5
  21. G85X-A48K-MF49
  23. 672M-2LRJ-46L5
  24. 3N2S-GH5U-V7LS
  25. 9MVR-6J4R-A6NR
  26. 9SNF-YJMB-4MA7
  27. 9Q4C-TDNK-VG8S
  29. BJEA-M5T4-K2QJ
  30. A63C-RPV7-JTBJ

PSN 2020 gift card list will be updated here soon…so stay in touch with us.

Different Ways to Earn PSN Codes Without any Survey

PlayStation Network.

PlayStation network which is owned by the company name Sony organizes some reward winning giveaway on some festive season where you can sign up in the program for free and win some gift codes.

All you have to do is head over to the official page to the Sony PlayStation Network and complete the sign-up and steps mentioned.

Online Giveaways

During special occasions, some people do online giveaways on social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. They get public attention and make money and you get the free PSN codes. This is a very easy way to earn free PSN gift cards.

Online Purchase

During the festive season, there is a huge discount on PlayStation gift cards selling online by private companies like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. You can go to their websites and purchase these gift code cards in minimal amount so keep on checking these famous websites to find the best value deal for a gift card.

Final Thoughts on PSN Code Cards

So this is how you can generate or redeem PSN gift cards for free. And hope that this article helps you to generate PSN code cards without any survey or wasting time.

PlayStation Network is one of the most popular stores available for online games and gaming items. Our motive is to provide you with free PSN gift cards.

So keep on playing until next time.